Rob the Mob – the Crime, the Love and the Real Story behind It

Rob the Mob – the Crime

Rob the Mob appeared in 2014 in America, directed by Raymond de Felitta and Jonathan Fernandez wrote it. It’s something that everyone would love watching as it’s about crimes and love in the world of organized crime.

The Cast

Based on the real story of Rosemarie Uva and Thomas Uva, it was only natural for the movie to sport the same characters. Michael Pitt played Tommy Uva, Nina Arianda is Rosie Uva, Andy Garcia plays as Big Al, Ray Romano is Jerry Cardozo, and Aida Turturro is Anna. There also appear Frank Whaley, Michael Rispoli, Joseph R Gannascoli, Burt Young, Griffin Dunne, Garry Pastore, Samira Wiley and others.

What’s interesting about this cast is that many of them are famous actors who have won plenty of awards. Nina Arianda was the winner of Broadway’s Venus in Fur, Andy Garcia was nominated for the Academy Award with The Godfather – Part II, Ocean’s Twelve, while Ray Romano won the Emmy for Everybody Loves Raymond and Parenthood.

The Story

For those who’d like to see the movie, it is available on Sky which you can start streaming when you call the Sky customer services phone number, but we’re here to give you some information about it before you see it.

The story takes place in 1991 in New York City. Tommy (played by Michael Pitt) is a small-time crook, while Rosie (played by Nina Arianda) is his lover, and they have two things in common – the love for each other and several criminal records. The criminal records come from a time when they were caught robbing a flower shop on Valentine’s Day.

Thinking that it’s time to go straight, Rosie takes a job at an agency for debt-collecting, and she convinces Tommy to come with her. However, Tommy finds something more interesting to do instead of the new job, as he attends the trial of John Gotti, the boss of the Gambino Family. In this trial, the hit man of the Mafia – Sammy Gravano offers testimony that has the power to bring down the world of organized crime.

The truth is that Tommy is fascinated by the mob ever since he was a small child and saw his father receive a beating by a local gangster. When he hears in court that there’s a club owner by the Mafia where no guns are allowed, he gets a big idea – to rob the place as soon as he can.

It is the start of his adventure along Rosie, something like Bonnie and Clyde, where they rob the mob’s owned clubs. It’s something that allows them to move in together, now having enough money, but this is also something that attracts the FBI and a good reporter who presents their story on the first page of the newspaper.

However, in one of their raids, they discover something that everyone wants – a secret so powerful that could get them killed. The crime-family head orders his men to scare the couple, but once this secret is discovered, it is a decision that he regrets. Now, everyone wants to know what they have – the police and the FBI, the reporter, but also the crime-family head who taught all his secrets are safe.

The two characters – Tommy and Rosie are caught between the mob contract that was on their head and the law, and their life depends on who will get to them first.

Why See It

It’s something out of the ordinary, with a story that was written perfectly and with actors that acted great. The IMDb website scored it with a rating of 6.3 out of 10, but the critics loved it, and it was a success at Box Office. It’s that kind of movie where you don’t get bored, where you wait for the next scene to come and to see the end and what it happens.